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Not Just More Intelligence,
Better Intelligence

GreyMatter Threat Intelligence contextualizes threat research and Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) from open-source and customer-owned commercial threat feeds to create an actionable view of existing and emerging threats.

Threat Intelligence

With Actionable
Threat Intelligence,

Knowledge is Power.

Instead of struggling with an overwhelming amount of threat data from a variety of disparate sources, GreyMatter Threat Intelligence provides the context behind threat data and delivers integrated and actionable threat intelligence, increasing your ability to handle emerging threats.

IOCs and
Threat Advisories

Insights help you understand threat actors’ motives and how they operate so you’re prepared to respond quickly.

”Bring Your Own”
Threat Feeds

Add the commercially available threat feeds that are most critical to your business and get the most out of your existing threat feed investments.

Threat Intelligence

Find the most relevant search results faster with recommended searches that are prioritized based on the severity of the threat to your organization.

Threat Intelligence
Updates and Alerts

Weekly threat intelligence emails and real-time alerts, keep you up-to-date and aware of the latest security threats.

How It Works

Integrated Actionable Threat Intelligence

GreyMatter operationalizes the power of Threat Intelligence by utilizing this data as a foundational component of our Detection, Investigation and Response (DIR) process.

Threat Intelligence

GreyMatter Threat Intelligence
provides better visibility and detection outside the perimeter, and better context within the perimeter.

Threat Feeds

Include your commercially available threat feed subscriptions to your list of threat feeds. Easily add, remove, and update your feeds at any time.

Comprehensive and Actionable View of IOC’s

Provides an actionable view of IOCs with widget options allowing you to analyze search results more effectively and take action.

Risk Protection

IOCs from the ReliaQuest Digital Risk Protection platform enriches the Detection, Investigation, and Response (DIR) process.

Threat Intelligence

Delivers Results

See Our Platform in Action
400 %

Improvement in Threat Detection in the First 90 Days

12 x

Increase in Visibility Accelerating Threat Detection and Response

30 %

Increase on Average
in Alert Fidelity

Technical Features

Threat Intelligence

Automatically prioritizes and optimizes threat intelligence for your environment in a consumable format to meet your organization’s existing – and future – security controls.

An Integrated View of Threat Intelligence and Data Feeds

Instead of sifting through firehose of data to find the threat “needle in a haystack”, we increase your visibility into the true threats your organization is facing, all while accounting for limited resources and budget constraints.

  • Stay ahead of threats and reduce the impact of events with 600+ detection rules curated for mixed-vendor environments.
  • Continuous updates based on learning from across a growing customer ecosystem minimize alert noise.
  • Detections tuned to your environment avoids having to become an expert in all technologies.

Easy to Navigate Threat Intelligence Home Page

GreyMatter Threat Intelligence automatically prioritizes and optimizes threat intelligence for
your environment in an easy-to-use format with everything at your fingertips.

  • Add your commercially available threat feed subscriptions to get the most out of your threat intelligence investments.
  • Identify patterns and commonalities indicative of risk. Once you identify the threat, quickly take action to respond and mitigate.
  • IOC threat advisory section allows you to gain valuable insights into relevant risks. Understand your adversaries’ motives and how they operate.

Not Just More Intelligence, Actionable Intelligence

By providing threat Intelligence within GreyMatter, we provide you with better threat visibility and detection outside the perimeter, and better context and threat insights within the perimeter.

  • One integrated view includes ReliaQuest threat intelligence, and over 40 open-source government and commercial feeds.
  • Track and drill down into ReliaQuest’s Threat Advisories tracking threat actors, malware, events, and vulnerabilities.
  • These weekly intelligence summaries look at the top threat intelligence stories of the week to help keep you up-to-date and aware of the latest security threats and trends.
Integrations and Connections

Reinforce Your Security Ecosystem with GreyMatter

Seamlessly integrate GreyMatter into your existing security operations tech stack to enhance visibility across your tools and gain the context and insights you need to operationalize security and protect your business.

See Integrations

Threat Intelligence
Operationalized to Improve
Detection, Investigation and Response

ReliaQuest Threat Intelligence
  • Helps you assess threat impact with accurate, timely and business relevant insights.
  • Customize with commercially available threat data subscriptions that are most critical to your business.
  • In depth threat advisories help you identify threat actors, malware, events and vulnerabilities.
Other Threat Intelligence Providers
  • Data providers only – not integrated into a security operations platform.
  • Provide a “firehose” approach to delivering data requiring analysts to sift through the data to identify real threats.
  • Not user-friendly or easy to integrate. Can be cost for resource-constrained teams to create specific queries.
Customer Testimonials

A Proven Leader in Threat Intelligence

Image Description
GreyMatter gives us a much more strategic view of our threat intelligence, detection, and response capabilities, plus the reporting, which has helped us mature our security operations over time. CISO, Healthcare Services, $11.5B in Assets
Image Description
“We’re saving time on hunts and investigations by using GreyMatter because we’re able to focus solely on the filtered results, versus having to sift through noise.” Bo Olsen Eastern Bank
Image Description
GreyMatter allows us to automate our threat hunting capabilities and helps us quickly search across our environment for IOCs. Now, we’re able to keep remediation and response times to a minimum without interrupting operations. Information Security Manager, Regional Bank, $11.5 Billion in Assets

Learn How GreyMatter
Can Improve Your
Threat Intelligence

GreyMatter enables you to get visibility across your entire attack surface, reduce complexity of your security operations, and efficiently manage risk across the business.

GreyMatter's security operations platform dashboard
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